Lesson Design with UDL: Prepare and Integrate UDL Into Practice

A CAST Institute

Prerequisite: CAST’s Introduction to Universal Design for Learning Institute or
UDL1, UDL101, or UDL101M online course

Female teacher working with a young boy and girl on a project

In this institute, participants will build on their UDL background and learn step-by-step lesson planning strategies using the UDL principles and guidelines. Working with other skilled educators and members from the CAST team, participants will develop action steps to proactively apply the UDL framework to lesson design.This institute is appropriate for any level (K-higher ed) and for any content area (such as ELA, math, science, ELL, history, technology, and/or faculty professional development).

Using the UDL framework participants will gain:

  • Strategies to develop clear goals

  • Ways to evaluate curriculum and tools, including assessments, materials, and methods using the UDL framework

  • Strategies to apply UDL to any lesson or learning experience

  • Tips and resources for flexible instructional tools, including new technologies

  • Access to and tips on using CAST tools such as: UDL Connect, UDL Exchange, UDL Book Builder, UDL Theory and Practice, and the UDL Lesson Planning Guide.

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“I will use what I have learned in planning my lessons which will hopefully engage students and offer opportunities to learn better than before!”

Institute Participant

To learn more or to schedule this onsite institute, contact Madeline Reggiannini, Operations & Marketing Manager, at 781-245-2212, ext 240 or mreggiannini@cast.org.

Who Should Enroll?

Educators (general, special education, curriculum coordinators, administrators, instructional technology specialists, paraprofessionals, college and university faculty, adult education faculty and presenters, etc.) and teams of educators at all levels who are interested in learning about:

  • How to address the learner variability in every classroom and school
  • How to support students to become expert learners
  • Cutting edge research from the learning sciences
  • How to implement UDL strategies into their practice