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Free UDL Webinar Series

Check our website often for updates and more information on new webinars!

Upcoming Webinars


CAST and Project OPEN Present UDL On Campus

Wednesday, July 30 from 2-3 p.m. EDT

This webinar will showcase UDL On Campus, a new web resource from CAST.  UDL On Campus is a collection of resources that help postsecondary educators and administrators improve instruction through Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  The online resource is provided at no charge to users at UDL On Campus offers educators tutorials and practical resources in UDL theory and practice across five categories: (1) Assessment, (2) Selecting Media and Technology, (3) Improving Institutional Policies and Practices, (4) Planning Your Course, and (5) Teaching Approaches. Within each category, users can find resources that demonstrate specific ways to address learner variability at the postsecondary level in an effort to improve learning opportunities, retention, and outcomes.


UDL Myths & Misconceptions

Monday, September 8 from 11 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EDT

Do you have a burning question about UDL that you’d like clarified?  For example, ‘What is the difference between UDL and differentiated instruction?’ Or, ‘Do I need technology in order to implement UDL’?’  In this webinar, discover some of the most frequent myths and misconceptions around UDL and hear about the current CAST research and thinking being done to address these myths. Included in the conversation will be CAST co-founder, David Rose. 


Past Webinars


UDL Now!

In her book, UDL Now! Katie Novak offers practical insights and savvy strategies for helping all learners meet high standards using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is a framework for inclusive education that aims to lower barriers to learning and optimize each individual’s opportunity to learn. In this webinar, Katie discussed her book and answered questions from the audience. (Due to a technology issue, the captioning file was unable to be imported into the webinar recording. Click here to access the captioning transcript. Our apologies!)

A Discussion on UDL and Learner Variability

“Individuals are unique and learn in ways that are particular to them. And in the past quarter century, science has elucidated the great variability of the human capacity to learn…” (p. 49, Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice). In this webinar, David Rose and CAST Research Scientist Samantha Daley discussed the variability of learning and its implications for education. Specifically, they talked about recent findings in variability of affective networks that are involved in student engagement and it’s impact on learning and performance.

Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice, A Book Discussion

In this CAST Professional Learning webinar held on February 26, 2014, Anne Meyer, David Rose, and David Gordon discussed their new book: Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice.

UDL Implementation: Are You Ready?

In this CAST Professional Learning webinar held on December 13, 2013, Director of Implementation Dr. Patti Ralabate discussed the five phases of CAST’s UDL Implementation Process, described what UDL implementation looks like, and shared CAST’s services and tools that support integrating UDL implementation with other initiatives, such as the Common Core State Standards.