CAST’s Annual UDL Symposium

UDL Symposium participants.

Thank you to all of our participants and presenters for your contributions to CAST’s 3rd Annual UDL Symposium!  Continue to follow the conversation at #UDL4Justice

Information about CAST’s 4th Annual UDL Symposium will be available in September, and the video summary from CAST’s 2017 UDL Symposium will be available soon.  In the meantime, check out Social Media Highlights from the 2016 UDL Symposium!

Participants from CAST's 2016 UDL Symposium seated in tiered seats with hands raised during a Symposium session.
A small group of 2016 CAST UDL Symposium attendees writing their ideas on easel paper.
Participants from CAST's 2016 UDL Symposium seated at round tables while attending a Symposium session.
“The UDL Symposium was such a great opportunity for me to ‘refresh’ my knowledge and understanding of UDL. With such diverse speakers and participants, I experienced UDL as interpreted through many different lenses and my knowledge was enhanced by the experiences and perspectives of all who attended. I love choice, and having choice of varied learning sessions supported my own personal interests and professional needs in UDL. Taking these three days to ‘live’ UDL was a great decision for me. This experience will really pay off in my work, and my future thinking about UDL.” Elizabeth Dalton, Ph.D.

Questions Regarding CAST’s UDL Symposium?

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