Engage All Learners through UDL Design

A CAST Institute

Male teacher leading a discussion with college or high school students in a library

“Emotion and cognition are inextricable; you can’t have learning without considering emotion.”
Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann

In this institute, participants will examine recent brain science of emotions and learning and discuss how UDL can be used as a framework to proactively design learning experiences that support all learners to recruit interest, sustain effort and persistence, and self-regulate for learning tasks.

Participants gain:

  • Understanding of the current brain science around the interaction of emotion and cognition
  • Strategies for designing learning experiences for engagement
  • “Next day” tips to help students become persistent, self-regulated learners
  • Access to and tips on using flexible instructional tools such as CAST learning, authoring, and planning tools:  UDL Exchange and BookBuilder

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“UDL is a mindset where learner variability and student learning should be the focus.”

Institute Participant

To learn more or to schedule this onsite institute, contact
Madeline Reggiannini, Operations & Marketing Manager, at 781-245-2212, ext 240 or mreggiannini@cast.org.

Who Should Enroll?

Educators (general, special education, curriculum coordinators, administrators, instructional technology specialists, paraprofessionals, college and university faculty, adult education faculty and presenters, etc.) and teams of educators at all levels who are interested in learning how to:

  • Address the learner variability in every classroom and school

  • Support students to become expert learners

  • Apply research on impact of emotion on learning

  • Implement UDL strategies into their practice to improve student engagement