UDL101M: Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (Mathematics Emphasis)

Teenage female student writing mathematical equations on a chalboard.

Teaching math can be as daunting as learning math.  In this introductory course, participants learn the research basis for and application of UDL to math lesson design. Participants also explore helpful technology tools that support math instruction that address the varying needs of all learners.

This Universal Design for Learning (UDL) course is designed to equip participants with the ability to evaluate, create, and recreate math lesson plans that ensure the engagement and participation of varied learners within a high standards-based mathematics curriculum. Course sessions have been created to ensure alignment with existing academic standards and benchmarks.  This course spans 10-12 weeks. Using the UDL framework and its practical guidelines, participants will  gain:

  • A working knowledge of the theory and research basis of UDL, including how individual variability plays out in different educational environments

  • Strategies for evaluating and improving lessons using the UDL framework to support high levels of engagement and achievement for all learners

  • Tips, guidelines, and techniques for applying UDL principles to the design of lessons and curriculum units aligned to educational standards

  • Strategies for using new technologies, to make the curriculum more effective

  • Access to and tips on using CAST learning, authoring, and planning tools such as: Book Builder, UDL Studio, UDL Editions, and UDL Curriculum Self-Check

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“I really enjoy the specific examples that people include about their classrooms. The ideas support and improve my teaching.”

UDL101M Online Course Participant

This course is currently open to groups from PreK-postsecondary institutions, as well as other organizations.
It is not open to individuals. For more information please contact Madeline Reggiannini, Operations & Marketing Manager, at 781-245-2212, ext 240 or mreggiannini@cast.org.

Who Should Enroll?

Educators (general, special education, curriculum coordinators, administrators, instructional technology specialists, paraprofessionals, college and university faculty, adult education faculty and presenters, etc.) and teams of educators at all levels who are interested in learning about:

  • How to address the learner variability in every classroom and school

  • How to support students to become expert learners

  • Cutting edge research from the learning sciences

  • How to implement UDL strategies into their practice

This course is also open to parents who are interested in learning about UDL and how it can benefit their children.

Credit Equivalency

Coursework for this module is equivalent to a 45-contact-hour, graduate-level course. Participants who complete the course with a C- (71%) or better will receive an email that contains a printable PDF of an official CAST certificate.