UDL Implementation

CAST’s Implementation services enable any educational organization to work closely with CAST UDL experts to identify needs and challenges, develop goals and action plans for sustainable change, build capacity for systemic change for UDL implementation, and infuse UDL into classrooms in a systematic and data-driven way. Using our implementation guide and resources, CAST guides educator teams in the process of UDL implementation.

CAST’s implementation services consist of the following, customized to fit your school or districts’ needs:

  • Development of a school-based implementation team
  • Consultation that assists in the development of an action plan for UDL implementation and capacity building at the organizational level
  • Online resources to support learning about UDL and onsite workshops that offer blended learning opportunities
  • Facilitation by a CAST implementation specialist to support the UDL school-based team in integrating UDL into educational practices
  • A focus on the CAST UDL implementation five-phase process including Explore (Pre-Phase), Prepare (Phase 1), Integrate (Phase 2), Scale (Phase 3), and Optimize (Phase 4)

CAST Professional Learning’s UDL Implementation Process

CAST UDL Implementation Process Image showing the 5 phases of implementation: Explore, Prepare, Integrate, Scale, and Optimize

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