Customized Solutions

CAST’s Customized Solutions enable any educational organization to work closely with CAST UDL experts to identify needs and challenges, develop goals and action plans for sustainable change, build capacity for systemic change for UDL implementation, and integrate professional learning solutions that make a difference. Through our customized solutions we guide educators as they consider how to benefit from the UDL framework, whether you are developing awareness of UDL or are ready to implement.
Two women at CAST institute engaging in a planning activity with post-its and a white board.
Male teacher with a group of four students in the background
Male teacher with a group of four students in the background

CAST’s customized solutions are designed to address the needs that educational organizations face in meeting the challenges of learner variability.  We work with educational leaders and collaboratively plan the right combination of services that may include:

  • Online courses, webinars, and onsite workshops that offer blended learning opportunities
  • Consultation that assists in the development of an action plan for UDL implementation and capacity building at the organizational level
  • Coaching that is facilitated by CAST professional learning experts to  support the integration of UDL into educational practices
  • Curriculum review focusing on aligning the goals, assessments, methods, and materials to the UDL framework and other standards.
  • UDL Implementation services using CAST’s five-phase process including Explore, Prepare, Integrate, Scale, and Optimize.

We work with you to meet your needs and maximize your results. Here are some examples from the field:

We can work with your organization’s leadership team and educators to design a customized model of professional learning that we call the UDL Academy, designed to provide a blended learning approach to the implementation of UDL at the classroom, school, and district levels. CAST Professional Learning experts  work with teams of instructional leaders and classroom practitioners over the course of an academic year to shape the learning environment so that it better addresses the variability of all learners and create the structure for capacity building and sustainable change.

Four women at a professional development institute

To create an organization-wide plan for UDL implementation, the CAST Professional Learning team will engage with key stakeholders from an organization in an onsite planning day. Prior to the planning day, our team works with yours to develop  essential goals and questions to be addressed during the planning day. CAST experts facilitate the planning day with participants to examine resources, challenges, and structures for developing a plan of action for UDL implementation. After the onsite visit, the our team will prepare a report outlining the action plans developed, recommendations for critical next steps, and identification of potential resources and services that CAST can provide to support further implementation of UDL. 

Group of 15 people having a meeting around a table.

CAST Professional Learning provides UDL Coaching Services that are focused on developing the effectiveness of individual teachers and collaborative teams to address learner variability with the goal of improving student learning. The UDL Principles are at the core of every coaching session whether the session content is focused on UDL or another topic. These 4 concepts are key to UDL coaching:

1.     clearly define your goals

2.     plan ahead for the predictable learner variability that is found in every group of learners, including educators

3.     provide multiple means of representation, action and expression, and engagement in materials and methods

4.     conduct ongoing, formative assessment that aligns with the goal and focuses on continual improvement.

CAST Professional Learning also provides UDL Coaching Academies for groups of educators. Using a “train-the-trainers” model, this hands-on institute focuses on building internal capacity within the district to support UDL implementation using a coaching model. Participants learn how to provide coaching for UDL professional learning communities. Participants have access to the CAST UDL Coaching Guide and UDL Consultation services.

5 adults in a coaching session.

CAST Professional Learning offers a service called UDL Implementation Consultation where our team works with PreK-12 and higher education organizations in the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a systemic framework for educational decision-making and instruction. During these projects, we recognize that the formula for successful UDL implementation involves clearly defined goals, ongoing measures of progress relative to the goals, and flexible methods and resources that support CAST’s five phases of UDL implementation (Explore, Prepare, Integrate, Scale, and Optimize).

In addition to these consultative services, organizations are provided with access to CAST’s UDL Implementation tools and resources which support organization decision-making:

  • UDL Implementation Strategy Guide
  • UDL Educator Knowledge, Practice & Beliefs Survey
  • Professional Development Self-Assessment Survey (for teachers)
  • UDL Self-Reflection Tool
  • Action Planning Tool
  • UDL Collections that include customized resources to support the UDL implementation process
  • UDL Exchange – a lesson and unit building tool that is guided by the UDL principles
  • UDL Connect community website

Group of adults, two men and two women meeting.

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